A typical Sunday morning at FBC starts about a half-hour early.  We like to get together a little early to fellowship, have a cup of coffee, and catch up with each other! When the service begins, we sing a worship song or two and get into God's Word.  We preach expositionally at FBC, which means that our sermons come straight out of passages from the Bible.  After the sermon, we get into music, prayer, announcements, and (twice a month) communion.  Our music is a blend of the best of traditional hymns with today's praise music, with a particular focus on lyrics that glorify God.  We hope you will find our service a joyful and uplifting experience - one that will focus your heart on God!

We particularly want you to know that:

You are free to express yourself in worship in whatever way is comfortable for you and honoring to God. You are invited to celebrate Communion with us if you are follower of Jesus Christ. As our guest, you will at no time be singled out or asked to do anything embarrassing. We would love it if you would fill out our Welcome Card, but no pressure! Also, don't feel like you have to take part in our offering, you're our guest!