Clearing the Fog of Skepticism and Relativism with Biblical Truth

October 20-21, 2017

This conference delivers inspiring preaching, with plenty of fellowship. Motivating Christians with answers and solutions to help deepen their impact on the world.


What We're All About

The Christian faith is being left behind, irrelevant in an ever increasing iconoclastic society. Our conference offers inspired and forward-looking teaching of what is possible if Christians are informed and given new skills, tools, and ideas on how they can play a central role in their communities doing God’s work in defending and renewing all things in Christ.

Speaking the Truth in Love Conference is a non-denominational, grace-based organization. We strive to bring together a panel of local and nationally gifted speakers who are recognized within their areas of expertise: theology, apologetics, philosophy and the christian worldview.

Where is it?

Fellowship Bible Church

3806 E Portland Ave
Tacoma, WA 98404



$25 single / $50 family

Adult tickets cost $25.00, with a maximum cost of $50.00 per family of 4 or more.  Children 17 years old or younger attend for free with an accompanying paying adult.  These costs help us obtain the best speakers and facilities available.  You can preregister online by clicking below!


Read on for short bios on each of our speakers.


Phil Fernandes

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Dr. Phil Fernandes has earned the following degrees:  a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from Greenwich University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Theology from Columbia Evangelical Seminary.  Fernandes has debated some of America’s leading atheists (i.e., Dr. Michael Martin of Boston University, Jeff Lowder, Jim Corbett, and Dan Barker).  He has lectured and debated in defense of the Christian world view at some of America’s leading universities:  Princeton, the University of Washington, Oregon State University, and theUniversity of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).  Dr.Fernandes is a member of four professional societies:  the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, the International Society.



Christian Overman

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As an educator, Christian has taught school at the elementary, secondary and college levels. For fourteen years, he served as the principal of a Christian school. He did his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, from which he holds two bachelor’s degrees (in Music and German language/literature). He also holds a Masters of Education degree from Seattle Pacific University, with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Christian Education, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University, with an emphasis on Theology of Work. He is also a commissioned Centurion, studying under Chuck Colson.


Lenny Esposito

Lenny Esposito is president and founder of Come Reason Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization, and author of the popular www.comereason.org Web site. He has taught apologetics and Christian worldview for over 17 years and has authored hundreds articles dealing with intellectually strenuous topics such as the existence of God, theology, philosophy, social issues and Biblical difficulties.

Lenny is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Evangelical Theological Society.

David Howard

David Howard received the call to inherit life through Jesus Christ our Lord 30 years ago. Early in his walk, agnostics challenged him regarding the veracity of Christianity which began his life-long pursuit of and passion for apologetics. He has spoken at various churches and conferences. He is an organizer and teacher of The Truth Project series for his church and currently is a discipleship coach in their Men's Ministry. In his spare time he is an avid reader and takes on DIY projects around his house.


Ron Wallace

Ron Wallace is currently President and resident theologian of the Bible Fragrances Biblical Studies Institute. He studied biblical languages at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and taught Hebrew and Greek at Berean Fundamental Church as well at Calaveras Bible Fellowship.
From 1983 to 2002 Ron taught daily as the Senior Pastor of Calaveras Bible Fellowship in Milpitas, California. Ron is one of the premier speakers on The "Pre-Wrath Rapture" position. Theologically, Ron is a conservative, fundamental, evangelical, categorical dispensationalist. Details of his theological perspective is represented in the various articles and doctrinal outlines found on the Bible Fragrances Website

Greg Steele

Greg Steele is the father of 4 children, three boys and one girl. By trade he is an aircraft technician that has transferred his attention to detail to the teaching and studying of God's word. He is finishing his Bachelors of Science of Religion (Theology) from Liberty University, and will pursue his Masters Degree in Theology and minor in Apologetics. He is dedicated to the teaching of the whole counsel of the word of God in church today and pursues the deep issues of God's word to make true disciples.


Eric Odell-Hein

Dr. Odell-Hein is the President of Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He is also the Teaching Pastor at The Summit Evangelical Free Church in Enumclaw, WA. His experience includes managing technology projects and businesses for a major Pacific Northwest software company since 1999. His education includes a Th.B., an M.R.S. (World Religions), and an M.Div (Practical Theology) from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He also earned a Ph.D. (Theology-Comparative Theodicy) with North-West University, South Africa. Theological persuasion: Conservative Evangelical. When not working, or serving, he spends time with his wife, Chris, and their son, Ephraim.


Times / presenters subject to change.


Topics are organized by presenter.

Dr. Christian Overman: 

What Drives Modern Thought
If you hold a biblical worldview and take that view to work, you will likely find that your views and assumptions are not shared by many co-workers. To understand why this is the case we must look at the history that has shaped today's worldviews. How do the big ideas behind these philosophies influence todays culture and trends in the workplace?

Why Worldview Matters
All our actions are guided by deeply held beliefs that we rarely take the time to examine. Worldview is the starting place for understanding how beliefs shape values that influence human behavior and ultimately create culture. But how can we practically align the biblical worldview with the kind of values and behavior that actually create God-honoring culture?

How Worldview Shapes Culture
It helps to see models of people who are actually shaping the surrounding culture by aligning their values and behavior with the biblical world-and-life-view. In this session, we will look at several real-world examples, both past and present, and learn from them.


Lenny Esposito:

Why Morality Must be Objective
All cultures recognize moral values and duties as real. But in order for morality to be real it must be rooted in an objective reality beyond our natural world. Here, Lenny shows why true morality argues for the existence of God.

Conflicting Beliefs of Modern Atheism
Atheists have become more vocal in their criticisms of Christianity. Yet, there are many more problems with dismissing the idea of God and still having a consistent worldview. Here, Lenny reviews the top difficulties that the atheist position faces.

Five Questions to Ask Skeptics
Usually, Christians feel that they are on the hot seat - having to defend their faith and prove that Jesus is true.  But skeptics shouldn't get a free pass - they must also account for their view of the world and how it works.  In this session Lenny gives you five questions to ask non-believers that show why Christianity offers the best answers in understanding reality.


Dr. Phil Fernandes:

“Refuting the Jesus Myth Hypothesis”
Many atheists now claim that Jesus of Nazareth never existed. They argue that the early church invented Jesus by borrowing material from ancient pagan myths. Dr. Fernandes refutes this view and shows that Jesus is a real first century AD historical person. 

“Making Sense of the Political Chaos”
Bernie Sanders claims to be a socialist. Hillary Clinton calls herself a progressive. People talk about Constitutionalists and Libertarians. Donald Trump won the presidential election, but has managed to anger both liberal democrats and neo-conservative Republicans. Hillary Clinton accused Donald trump on being from the Alt-Right. Dr. Fernandes discusses the many different political options, and then argues from biblical principles that limited government is the best option for America. 

“Truth and Morality”
Does truth apply to all people? Or, do we make our own truth. What about morality? Do each of us create our own moral laws? Shouldn’t we just tolerate everyone else’s beliefs and behavior? Dr. Fernandes answers these questions from the Christian perspective.


David Howard:

Hope in Times of Uncertainty
A discussion on learning how every Christian can have a meaningful and personal conversation with another leading to the hope found in Jesus Christ.  We will look at authenticity, empathetic listening, steering through questions and finding the entry point.


Ron Wallace:

The Divine Love Initiative
What is God’s plan for the human race? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? This study will give you an orientation to the spiritual conflict that exists between God and Satan.


Greg Steele:

Revealing the true Love of God to be the most effective at apologetics
Good intentioned Christians can approach apologetics from the wrong viewpoint. Although apologetics is learning tactics, we Christians must understand God’s attribute of love to be the most effective at making a defense for the gospel.

Eric Odell-Hein

The Uniqueness of Christian Theodicy
All religions offer a solution for the problem of evil, yet many of them offer solutions that are similar to each other and share the same weaknesses. Christian theodicy takes a unique approach to the solution for evil that sets it apart from the other solutions. It is not only unique; it is a highly attractive alternative to the competing solutions offered by other faiths. Come and learn the details and how to share this as part of your faith.

Ancient Religious Symbolism and Christ
The history of religions is filled with myths, symbols, and rituals. The Bible calls out many instances of these symbols as evil. However, in other passages we see devout believers using similar symbols. Come and learn about these ancient expressions of religious thought and how God used them to point people toward His plan for redemption.